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Meet Joel

In my first two years after completing university I achieved restructuring a company of 16 personnel for better performance and contracted R2 million in sales from Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) channels. I believe in sustainable development with critical decision-making through data driven strategies.The main areas of sustainable development are human capital, land capital and financial capital. I find myself confidently investing in cash flow positive Real Estate and Crypto currency whilst focusing of human-centered development in Operations, Performance, Training, Marketing and Process Management.My passion to seek the truth and truly understand it in areas for development has been a core ingredient for my success in a multi-discipline approach. I am an avid reader, continuously wanting to improve my skills and have taken a liking to research and testing Artificial Intelligence to evaluate the experience it will have on our day-to-day."What important truth do very few people agree with you on?" - Peter ThielStrive to Thrive, Not Just Survive.

Strategic Communication

Vital to enhance the impact of your touch points with your audience with every communique, brand interaction and overall experience.

Clarify industry specific Media approaches suitable to the audience and client goal set.Successfully head Media Campaigns with various media types and media angles to attract the desired audience to my clientele’s brand.Craft Media Statements, Ad Graphics, Ad Placements for Social Media Channels, E-mail Marketing, Posters, Placards, Pamphlets for various clientele to communicate key information to audiences.Set up, review, and adapt automations to scale social media campaigns to larger audiences.Design website outlays that best serve the target audience of the client.Craft press statements to communicate on issues and for further influence with audience.Identify issues and drive communication in angles that favours the truth to enhance and protect communication goals.
Thoroughly research and create a list of potential media lists to build relationships for better media distribution.

Create campaigns and design processes suited to audience with carefully crafted messaging to grab and retain attention as well as directed prospects to take an action.
Achieve profitable social media lead strategies through Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ad Words for finance industry, training industry, manufacture industry, hospitality industry, retail industry, real estate industry and sporting industry.
Create social media strategies that attract, capture, and retain clientele.

Skillfully create and proof existing Ad copy writing, Ad graphics, Ad videos, Ad analytics and Ad scripts to create advertisements and promotional products.Create content calendars and create content creation approval processes. Influence clients to provide a testimonial video and publish user-generated content.Reach out to Social Media Influencers to promote your products and services.

The deeper dive

into my human-centered skill sets for Sustainable Development.

Develop learning material to resolve organizational performance and work culture issues to encourage the workplace of value-motivated high-performance behaviour.Present the workshop and addressed areas for improvement in a constructive manner.Resolve problems through establishing assessment outcomes and criteria, then testing the solutions implemented.Facilitate standardised, accredited courses and achieved a verified 100% pass rate.Facilitate in-house sales and negotiation training using a blended learning approach with role playing, case studies, visual content and discussions to name a few.Consult clientele on advanced training needs pertaining to accredited and non-accredited learning outcomes.Update accredited courses with most impactful outcomes.Consult clientele to claim the best benefits from laws and regulations surrounding the training industry.

Discover the root cause of bottlenecks in operations and lack of performance, then address it.Formulate and execute solutions specific to the issues being faced.Audit and expand on the solutions implemented.

Evaluate skills and the areas for enhancement.Analyzing skills is similar to conducting a performance review for oneself - it provides valuable insights into strengths and weaknesses, paving the way for professional growth.

Specify the work values, work culture and talent needed then simplify the talent sourced to “get the right person to sit in the right seat in the business bus”.Design and execute advertisements, interview potential candidates, assign work roles and spearhead a streamlined process to reinforce the healthy values of the work culture.

Design a systemized performance management system to focus on key performance indicators, diagnose areas for improvement, clarify reporting structures, document the progress and execute on the goals set.Improve organizational output in 6 months and resolve bottlenecks that existed for 3 years and more.

Encourage the workplace to foster good working relationship habits, such as giving credit where credit is due, addressing elephants in the room in a respectful manner, adapt an attitude of integrity, reinforce diligence, and build a workplace of Trust to name a few examples.

Advise on labour law matters and policy implementation in my capacity as a business consultant.I provide expert guidance and counsel on intricate matters pertaining to labor legislation and policy implementation.Such guidance involve thorough analysis of relevant statutes, regulations, and case law in order to ensure compliance with applicable labor laws.

Build non-financial benefits to incentivize output and a unified work culture that goes above expectations.

Business Development

Each skill set acts as a building block that, when combined, forms a bridge for business expansion.

Summarize all possible routes to market with audience targeting, brand positioning and adapt to new routes to market that open up.

Analyze key metrics in Social Media strategies, then retest and report on the better campaigns.

Clarify the workflow and the roles necessary to accomplish the set goals.Assign relevant roles in the work process to specific employees with the favourable skills.
Delegate responsibility to certain areas in the operation and advise in a problem-solving capacity.

Analyze best practice processes and strategies, then administer policy implementation to enhance enterprise value.

Establish relationships with strategic organizations to increase sales and lifetime value of clientele.

Design and execute lead generation campaign strategies then automate the prospect acquisition process to scale pipeline leads.

Clarify areas where clients are in need of your services and help clientele to go under contract for you to deliver the services.

Choose a strategy and build an e-learning platform that hosts learning programmes in the most cost-effective methods.On-board business-to-business clients on the e-learning platform in a centralized process design and implement through templates.Revitalize the communication touch points with clients and prospects to increase the overall consumer journey and brand perception.

Build as well as maintain relationships and steer communication to potential areas where your services can assist your clientele.

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